Find Focus, Release Tension.

Want to help you workforce refresh and restore themselves?

Corporate Yoga is a wonderful way to support your employees physical and mental health, re-energising them for the rest of the working week.

Yoga participants report less stress and more mental clarity when practicing weekly yoga classes.

This in turn may lead to improved focus, increased productivity and better workplace relations. Plus, it is a genuinely lovely experience!


What's involved

Corporate yoga comes to your workplace.

You provide complimentary use of a quiet and clean room and we do the rest.

All mats and equipment are supplied.

The day and time is up to you, but we recommend allowing 15 minutes either side of class to allow for late arrivals and transitioning back to productive work.


How much does it cost?

Albany Yoga Holidays offers Corporate Yoga Classes starting from $120 per session (1 hour), for up to 10 people, dependent upon your workplace location.

If you have more employees, we can cater to that, but we cap the class size at 12 people.

Extra participants attract an additional fee of $12 per person/ per session.

We recommend running a series of sessions over 3,6 or 10 weeks.


Think this might be just what your employees need?

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