Eco Beach Yoga Escape

Frequently Asked Questions


How to get to Broome and the resort?

You can drive, bus or fly to Broome.

The dates we chose for this retreat were to capitalise on the cheapest days of the week to fly to Broome. Please ensure you book a flight that arrives in Broome prior to 1:00pm on Tuesday 17th September.

We will meet outside the front of Broome airport at 2:15pm on Tuesday 17th September.

At 2:30 pm sharp the resort shuttle bus will pick us up to drive us by road to the resort. This journey is less than 90 minutes. If you are arriving early and staying in Broome prior to the retreat, you can also phone the Eco Beach Resort and request a pick up from your hotel instead of meeting us at the airport.

At the close of the retreat, we will depart the resort at 9:30am by road for return transfer to Broome.

Please ensure your flights departing Broome are after 1:00pm on Saturday 21st September.


What do I do in Broome if I arrive early?

Broome has a terrific cheap public bus service. You can pretty much see the townsite and the beach site in just a few hours, if you want to take a quick look. There are taxis also if you prefer that way of getting around. It is easy to spend 3 hours wandering around the lovely shops in town and similarly Cable beach or Gantheum Point are beautiful areas to while away a few hours. There are many cafes and the resorts are fabulous also. Enjoy!


Can I visit Broome during my stay at the resort?

The resort shuttle is really only meant for transferring guests as they arrive and depart. So no,  not really. If you have a strong desire to spend time in Broome (and it is worth it), consider extending your holiday in the area to do so prior to or after the conclusion of the retreat.

What to Bring...

What should I pack for yoga?

Light comfortable modest clothing free of zippers and buttons. Layers are good because morning class is warming and afternoon class is a cooling practice. You do not need posh branded yoga clothes. Yoga loves you just the way you are! Just wear something you already have in your wardrobe, that you will feel comfortable in and covered by, while doing yoga. It can be quite warm at times so a combination of shorter and longer clothes is advisable.


Do I need to bring my yoga mat?

Only if you prefer to use your own mat. The resort is willing for us to use their mats, bolsters and blocks and has a sufficient number for our group.


Do I need to bring a sport towel?

If you tend to sweat a lot, it can be a good idea to have a hand towel or a quick dry sport towel nearby. It stops the hands slipping to dry them off.


What else should I pack?

This is your holiday, so bring what you would normally pack to enjoy a tropical climate: Light clothing, hat, bathers, sunscreen, something nicer to wear to dinner, light and sturdy footwear ( for hiking), clothing to protect from sun, something in case the evenings are cool, insect repellent, camera, device chargers, books, medicines, toiletries, a small backpack for when we take yoga outdoors to cart your water/beach towel etc.


Do I need towels?

No, beach towels and bath towels are provided by the resort.


Can I self cater?

Yes, if you choose. There is a supermarket in Broome that you can shop at prior to meeting us at the airport for transfer to the resort.

There are no supermarkets at the resort. The resort restaurant is excellent and reasonably priced so why not give yourself a holiday from the kitchen?

Please be aware the Eco Villas are self-contained with tableware and the essentials for cooking up a holiday storm: microwave, toaster, kettle, bar fridge and a shared barbeque. You can share a meal with other guests at tables provided at the central outdoor barbeque meeting area, set amongst the coastal vegetation, or dine alone in the comfort of your air-conditioned villa.

If you’re staying in an Eco Tent, you can also cook your own meals in a simple shared self-catering tent, which contains a microwave, single bbq gas burner, kettle, fridge space and barbeque. Picnic sets with all the essential tableware are also available in your tent. There is a simple shared outdoor dining area, set amongst the coastal bush, or enjoy your meal on your private tent deck or pack and take to the beach! There is also an esky in each tent with ice available for purchase. Please be aware that there are no bar fridges in the tents.


Do I need to bring water?

No, but a water bottle is good to have at the resort to refill from their taps. During yoga we do not consume water. A few sips of water prior to class is OK and of course again after class.


Other Logistics...

What time are the yoga classes?

Our morning pranyama and meditation is from 6:30am – 7:00am, Hatha Vinyasa asana (yoga pose) practice is from 8:15am- 9:30am and our yin/ restorative afternoon practice is from 3.15pm until 4.45pm. However, we try to be flexible, so if there is a tour that the group want to do together, that necessitates we change yoga to a different time, and the group is willing, this can be arranged the day before. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of all yoga sessions.


When should I eat breakfast?

Generally speaking it is best not to consume food or beverages (other than a few sips of water) within the two hours before a yoga class. This is for your comfort and it takes a lot of energy for the body undertake digestion. Ultimately though, it is your body and your decision. We recommend having breakfast after morning class.


What can I do during the day?

Please follow this link to the resort activities page: http://

This is your holiday. You can choose to do things with the group or you can choose to do things alone.

Do as much or as little yoga as you like. If you need a sleep in- have one!

Do I need insurance?

Albany Yoga Holidays strongly advises that you purchase adequate travel insurance to include full (comprehensive) cover for the duration of your journey as well as the Yoga Holiday you have booked with us.

We can not accept any responsibility if you choose not to cover yourself appropriately.


Is there anything else I need to know about the resort?

Please visit the resort’s FAQs page here:

If you have any further questions, please email or use our contact page to reach out.