Need to unwind?

Discover mental clarity and reduce tension.

Our Yoga Holidays give you the time and space to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Holidays are a chance to spend a few nights in a magnificent location, being guided through yoga twice daily, enjoying the best locations that nature has to offer.

They offer the chance to sink back into yourself.

Our destination is always different. Whether in the Great Southern of WA or beyond, we prioritise breathtaking locations where you can soak up nature's magnificence.

This is a holiday and we allow plenty of free time. Between morning and afternoon yoga sessions, your days are your own!

So feel free to indulge in the luxury of spending time alone doing what you love, or move with the group and visit a secluded beachs, meditate in a an unspoiled forest, go for lunch and shopping or just hang out at the venue's spa.

Our Next Yoga Holiday...

Eco Beach Yoga Escape

17-21 September, 2019.

Ramada Eco Beach Resort.    Broome, WA.